About Me



My name is Nickolai Fuglevaag and I’m a Game Designer specializing in Level Design and Environment Art.


I’m a stickler for detail, and I draw a lot of inspiration from movies, TV shows, other games and sometimes books and even music, when I work.

I love traveling, and I think I draw a lot of inspiration from places I’ve been to and the different cultures, landscapes and architectures encountered along the way.



In Roger von Oech’s “4 Roles of Creativity” I would say I’m definitely in large part The Explorer (with a few hints of The Artist here and there) and I think it represents the way I work pretty well.

Ever since the discovery of Lego at a very young age I’ve been a builder. Even things aside from Lego blocks, I would break apart and put back together again, then find something else and doing it again.


Thus I became very good with computers when I got a bit older and I’ve been a pretty technically savvy person ever since. And with the discovery of game engines during my teen years I’ve been interested in developing games.

I’m always looking for interesting opportunities, and if my work seems interesting to you please don’t hesitate to contact me. (Details at the top of the page)


Unreal Engine 4

UE 4 Blueprint

idTech 6


(Payday 2 in-house engine)

Unity 5

Autodesk Maya

Modo 10

SketchUp 2015

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop



Tortoise SVN