dot.EXE is a fast paced action 2D platformer with gravity defying movement and intense combat where you fight for your survival in a flurry of plasma fire and explosions.



The game was created in Unreal Engine 4, as part of a 4 week game project at FutureGames, Stockholm.

In dot.EXE you play as DOT, a defense mainframe nano probe sent out to cleanse the system of corruption and exterminate virus infections.

As part of a team of 8, my job was, together with 3 other designers, to design the mechanics of the game, such as movement, combat, enemies, obstacles etc. and establish the core gameplay pillars of the game.



During production my job was to create levels for the game, which involved things like gameplay space, player path, enemy and obstacle placement, combat flow, pacing etc.

This is an obstacle where a set of laser grids fire off in sequence (1-6) controlled by the obstacle's Blueprint, and the player needs to time their movements to match up with the grid's charge-up time.

In this section, the player triggers the pink wall to the far left. The wall will then continously move at a constant pace through the laser grid section, and it is up to the player to move up or down to position themselves appropriately to make it past the area without getting pushed by the moving wall into a laser grid.

Along the way the player will also be under fire by enemies of varying difficulty as well as avoid things like mines or rotating laser grids.