Wolfenstein 2

Contracted as a Level Designer to assist with the completion of Wolfenstien II: The New Colossus. Responsibilities included:


• Assist with blockout iteration for sections of multiple levels of the game

• Create, implement, maintain and bugfix 2D Journal map for the entire game

• Assist with collision maintenance and fixes for multiple levels of the game


On such a big game, I designed a lot of different areas on different levels for the most part, rather than having entire levels to myself, which meant constant collaboration with other disciplines and synchronizing my own work with theirs, adapting to feedback and coming up with solutions that worked on multiple fronts for multiple people as well as providing feedback to others that would in turn improve and alleviate my own workflow.


Also being able to showcase what an area is supposed to represent in a finished version by doing things like setting up vistas, adding recognizable landmarks, building simplified models of arcitechture and terrain etc. would greatly help other disciplines understand the intent of an area and how to develop it further.


Here are just a few examples of areas I worked on:



Chapter 3 - Part 2: Manhattan State Building


Responsibilities included:


Iterated on the blockout for the area at the foot of the State building, leading up to the end of the level, taking into account:

- Refactoring initial blockout to use modular asset set

- General level flow

- Player guidance/orientation

- LoS/Combat distances

- Enemy spawn locations


Chapter 7 - Part 2: Manhattan Bunker

Responsibilities included:


Iterated on initial blockout for the whole level, with a focus on:

- Player ability usage

- General level flow

- Redesigned the layout of certain spaces to improve player guidance

- Etc

Chapter 9 - Part 2: Venus Surface, Districts 1 and 2




Responsibilities included:


- Design of the player path through parts of the existing map

- Design of additional new spaces only accessible in the district

Journal Maps

Responsible for creating, implementing and maintaining all 2D Journal maps. Work included:

- Creating/clean-up/maintenance of source geometry (using Modo) to base the map images on

- Export of EPS data from Modo to Adobe Illustrator

- Clean-up and polish/visual style pass in Illustrator

- Export of image data from Illustrator to Flash

- Set-up of map volumes and scripted entities in the level editor




These maps are also featured in the PrimaGames Collector's Edition Strategy Guide for the game.